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Simply stated, the Florida Workers Compensation Act was created to be a “no fault” wage replacement system designed to pay the injured worker both medical benefits and lost wages during his or her period of incapacity from work. Unfortunately, the system rarely works the way it was designed. Insurance companies frequently deny claims for many different reasons. Attorneys at Matheson & Horowitz aggressively fight for the injured workers, seeing that they recover full compensation for workplace injuries, repetitive trauma and occupational diseases under Florida workers compensation law. The law is extremely complex. To assist you in answering the questions you may have, contact us today at 772-569-2667.

At first glance, a “no fault” system sounds like a fair deal to workers who are hurt and have been taken care of without having to go through a costly process of assigning blame. Unfortunately, disputes between the injured worker, his or her employer, and the workers compensation insurer often arise, which undoubtedly make an already difficult situation more troublesome. Further, the existing system is complicated and very hard to understand. It has evolved into what too often becomes a bureaucratic nightmare that commonly intimidates and hinders people with valid claims. And worst of all, insurance companies often fight an employee’s legitimate claim every step of the way. Matheson & Horowitz can assist you if you have been hurt on the job and ensure that you receive all benefits to which you are entitled to under the Florida Workers Compensation Act. If you were injured on the job, please call us today at 772-569-2667.

Often, the insurance company will try to quickly settle workers compensation claims. This is to get you out of the system as quickly as possible and reduce their costs. It is in the injured workers best interest to consult an attorney if your insurer tries to settle with you. An attorney can almost always get you more money in settlement. However, settlement may or may not be in your best interest. Settlement can forever waive your right to pursue other benefits that you may be entitled to such as unemployment and long or short term disability, or the right to sue for many other types of actions. Don’t waive these rights without talking to an attorney at Matheson & Horowitz.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to obtain the benefits you should be receiving. There are several circumstances where it is particularly important that you contact an attorney for assistance. These are just some of the examples where an attorney should be consulted:

  • An employer has denied that you were injured while on the job;
  • You are being accused on “misrepresenting” your injuries or claims;
  • You have been refused medical treatment or you really dislike the doctor assigned to your case by the insurance company;
  • You have received a denial from the insurance company;
  • Compensation was promised but has not materialized;
  • You are without income;
  • Your employer does not carry compensation insurance but you were a subcontractor when injured;
  • A third party has caused your accident.
  • Your carrier is offering you a settlement of your case.

There are many issues that arise in workers compensation claims which require legal assistance. These are just a few:

  • My Workers Compensation Insurer has started to pay me weekly compensation benefits and medical benefits, and I suddenly receive a notification advising me that my benefits will be terminated. I am still under active treatment with my doctor and have not been cleared to return to work. What legal rights do I have? Do I need a workers compensation attorney?
  • A Worker Compensation Insurer has scheduled a medical examination with one of their doctors (‘Independent Medical Exam”). Do I have to attend this examination? The Insurance Company doctor has cleared me to return to work, but my doctor disagrees with this medical opinion. Am I required to follow the advice or opinion of the Insurance Company doctor? What will happen to my entitlement to receive benefits if I refuse to follow the advice of the Insurance Company doctor? Do I need a worker compensation lawyer?
  • My doctor has cleared me to return to work with medical limitations or restrictions ( for example, “no heavy lifting, or no repetitive bending, stooping or kneeling”); or my doctor has released me to return to work on a part-time light duty basis. Am I legally required to return to work? Is my employer legally required to provide me with a light duty or part-time job that is consistent with the limitations specified by my doctor? What are my legal rights if my employer cannot accommodate my physical limitations? Can a Workers Compensation Insurer terminate or reduce my benefits if my employer claims to have no light duty work available? If my employer has no light duty available, can I find light duty work elsewhere, and still receive a weekly compensation benefit from my Worker Compensation Insurer? Do I need a workers compensation attorney?
  • My doctor or the Insurance Company doctor has released me to return to light duty work, and my employer claims to have no light duty work available. Because of my injury I am unable to find light duty work with another employer. Despite having no ability to obtain light duty work, my Workers Compensation Insurer has terminated or reduced my weekly compensation benefits. Can my Worker Compensation Insurer legally terminate or reduce my benefits? Can the Workers Compensation Insurer force me to apply for Unemployment Benefits or Social Security Disability? If do receive Unemployment Benefits or Social Security Disability, what effect does this have upon my rights to receive Workers Compensation benefits? Can I be retrained for a new job?

These are just a few of the examples which show how complicated our workers compensation system can be. Do not try to handle your claim alone. Do not hire a lawyer without extensive experience in workers compensation claims. Would you go to foot doctor for spine surgery? Call the experienced lawyers at Matheson & Horowitz today at 772-569-2667 for a free consultation.

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